KMS offers the best technical solutions, in order to exceed the expectations of our customers we ensure you a rapid response and a high quality assistance towards the products or services selected. We have a vast and diversified stock of Aluminum and Technical Plastics in several thicknesses and formats.

Range of Products


High stock of Technical Aluminums in different alloys, thicknesses and formats.

Engineering Plastics

Diversity of high quality engineering plastics


Materials Cutting

CNC Milling

Waterjet Cut

Laser Cut


Guillotine Shear Machine

CNC equipment for cutting plates up to 2,000 mm x 4,000 mm x 900 mm thick. In cutting profiles, the executable capacity is up to ø500 mm. High level of accuracy in all services and frames guaranteed in all cutting processes (sawn and disc) due to the use of technologically advanced equipment for the various formats of existing materials such as bar, profile, plate, sheet and tube.

Machining of Aluminum and Engineering Plastics. CNC Milling 4000x2000x500 mm.

Innovative waterjet cutting equipment, Flow Waterjet with working area 4000x2000 mm, able to cut various types of material up to 180 mm thick.

Laser cutting, 4 kW fiber. Working area 3000x1500 mm. Maximum sheet thicknesses: steel 20 mm; stainless steel 12 mm; aluminum 12 mm

CNC bending 1700 kN, 3000 mm in length of bend.

Aluminum Machinery and Engineering Plastics. Durma’s Gullotine Shear Machine.